Østerberg is a family-owned company. You must especially get to know Niels Østerberg and his daughter Cathrine Østerberg.
Cathrine Østerberg (b. 1988) is the definition of a food nerd. B.Sc in Food Science and M.Sc Gastronomy & Health from the University of Copenhagen form the framework for Østerberg's knowledge. Both in terms of nutrition and sensory science, which are combined in a creative product development. You can read much more about Cathrine here.
According to his own statement, Niels Østerberg (b. 1954) is "a wandering soda salesman" with a background as a chemical engineer. Since 1982, he has been in the beverage industry, and is the founder of Orana, which over time has become a small worldwide company. That is why Niels often spends 250 days outside Denmark's borders. Right now he is i.a. in the process of starting a banana plantation in Kenya and a fruit factory in Sri Lanka.
Østerberg is of course based on a large number of other competencies from a team of skilled employees. Mette, Jacob and Amanda are our Danish colleagues, who also play a major role in spreading the taste of all corners of the world.